No Documents Claim Process

Is this a fact or fiction? We are in the business for almost 5 years now and we hear a lot of rumors that other agencies can process a vehicle accident claim without pertinent documents required. We hear this from prospects who doesn’t want to try ou

r services.

Personally i can’t understand that. For more than “some” reasons; why would an insurance company who is in the “business” shell out money or pay claims that they are not sure if its a valid claim case or not? If they handle their finances loosely, for sure they will have a financial meltdown just like what happened in the

US. I really believe that if the process is corrupted, somebody is suffering

or paying for the lapses, probably another paying customer also. There will be an imbalance in finance,sales and budget allocation. Sooner or later, that insurance company will shut down and all of its customers will suffer. Not the agency because the agency can move on to another insurance company. We, Filipinos should start thinking macro, lets stop corruption first with ourselves, the rest will follow and the entire nation will benefit.

We, Filipinos are very much into “palakasan system”. This No Document Claim Process most likely came from a big corporate account of one insurance company and has been passed on wrongly to others. Imagine, if the entire corporate accounts has this VIP treatment, who’s gonna suffer? the individuals who are customers also. Insurance or no insurance topic, we should stop this palakasan system, this is corruption within private civilians. We hate it if our government does it to us but we comprehend if it benefits us. Tsk Tsk, too much selfishness. If we keep on doing this, our country will never be a 1st world country!

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