On March 30,

2011 Loyola Plans Consolidated, Inc the pioneer in Memorial Services, launched its newest product, allowing Filipinos who are beyond insurable to age to purchase memorial services under their own name.


trong>Gold Memorial Services covers the age of 56 onwards, basically means even if a person is 89, purchasing a memorial plan will no longer a problem. One of the best features of Gold product is it can be paid on an installment basis in 5-year period. Allowing Filipinos to prepare for the inevitable without draining their pockets. My favorite feature is you can now purchase the service without you’re over age and over sensitive parents knowing it. Loyola acknowledged the problem, that majority of Young ones would like to get services for their grandparents, parents

without them knowing it. Since, some seniors would not take the buying a nice gesture, today, only the payor signature is required and yet the plan will be under to whom you’re really buying.

Of course, balance must be paid in full should anything happens and the plan must be use. But with add on interest.

Overseas Filipinos, can now also purchase memorial services for the love-one left in the Philippine by simply downloading the application form.

Loyola Memorial Services is also a non-traditional memorial services, which covers a wide range of usage, not limited to casketing. It can be use to pay cremation services, interment fees at any Loyola parks nationwide, or catering services and whole lot more.

In my 15 years as Group Business Manager of Loyola, Memorial Service is an insurance that everyone should have at the earliest possible time. Not because am selling it but because it the only insurance, needed immediately once a love one passes away. A family has only 3 days to come up with at least fifty thousand pesos in cash (P50,000.00) which is by the way the cheapest service in Class A mortuary like Loyola, Arlington, and Funenaria Paz ..If a memorial plan is present, the family will no longer worry about the cost.

For inquiries, email me at and or text 09285061180, 09228254287 and will attend to your inquiries the fastest possible way.


Think ahead, plan ahead