Accenture Auto Club Insurance 101 seminar

Its been our 3rd time to hold an Insurance 101 seminar for the Accenture Philippines autoclub. We hope to do more soon. We get to see new faces and new questions every time we have this event. Its fun

and at the same time informative for both parties

. The first time we did this seminar, the insurance experts agency invited Prudential Guarantee to be the guest speaker then we invited MAA General on the second visit. Now, we have Standard Insurance as the guest speaker. Thanks to Gerald Galang the trainer/comedienne of SICI who made the room lively with his corny antics!

Since time is limited, we were not able to answer all of the participant’s questions and we are opening the comment section below for your

questions and we will gladly answer all of them here!

We are open for these kinds of seminars for free. Please email me

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