Earthquake Insurance Anyone?

I would like to share another link regarding Earthquakes and it says that the world experienced 6 earthquakes in the past 48 hours. I don't know how true but it is better to be safe!

Here is

the link:

If its happening around the globe, what are the chances that it will hit our Country, the Philippines. Despite the fact that we have the longest fault line in the world. Read my previous blog:

Insurance is an

investment that won't go to waste. Yes, it might be expensive at first but it will definitely save you a lot of money in times of a calamity like earthquakes and typhoon. Nobody knew that Ondoy and Reming wil hit us hard, both typhoons did it slowly but surely and kaboom! The entire nation was devastated! Believe it or not,Insurance firms up to now are still having a hard time finishing the claims.

Insurance is simple but people make it complicated. Here are a few tips on how to get an accurate Insurance Premium:

1. State your Name, Address, Location of Risk, Type of Risk (Residential House,Building or Com

mercial Buiilding,etc.), Estimated amount of Risk(e.g. Building with Improvements 10M, Furniture,Fixtures and Appliances 5M) its best to be specific., contact person and number for the inspection of risk.

2. People would always try to lower down Amount of Risk so that they can save a few on the Premium. Not a good idea, this is the time when assured get mad,curse and mock there insurance agent and/or insurance company when at a time of claim, they don't get what they expect or worse if they don't get anything. Insurance will only investigate the correct amount of your property at the time of loss, so when they found out that it was under insured, they'll only pay you the percentage of their share of the risk on the actual value. Leaving you helpless because you get a small amount compared to the actual loss.

3. There are around 100 plus non-life insurance company in the Philippines, we sorted them out for you. Our company guarantees you that our principals are the bestest and safest and fastest in paying for claims! Email us your properties now and we will give you at least 3-5 quotes from our premium principals!

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