Advantages of having an Insurance Agency

I believe each industry should have an agency or agent or an expert. Very similar to the education system, each courses has its professors who specializes a particular subject. Yes, this may add to the chain that can add up to your cost but it will definitely save you a lot of money in times of a claim or an accident.

Here are a few advantages of having an insurance agency:

1. The agency can function as your Insurance Manager. With your busy schedules at work and at home. You shouldn't be bothering yourself to remember all the dates of your Insurances,  you can give these responsibilities to your agency of reminding you of your due dates, expiry dates of all your insurances. This function is very vital mostly when accidents occur during the time of your expiration date.

2. Since agencies are the experts with Insurances, they can mediate things during your most horrific time(during an accident). Since they are a 3rd party, they will most likely not panic and decide correctly to prevent you from further losses.

3. They can also give you expert advise on how to settle for claims.  Again, even if you are at the right side of the accident, because you panic, insurance can possibly decline your claim if you presented wron

g documents, gave misleading statements and the like. But with an agency, All you need to do is call your agency and interact with them, they will translate it calmly and facilitate the docs for you. Most agencies like us are 24/7 customer service.

4. Insurance Agency will tell you if you are insuring your property the wrong way. Most people wanted to lower down their annual premiums jeopardizing the risk(property) and technically wasting money rather than saving money.

5. Insurance Agency will protect your rights from the Insurance Company, adjusters, Third Party(other people that you don't know who is involved in the accident) and the Car Dealership.

If you bought your insurance from:

1. The Car dealership, how can they protect you if there interest is with the company they are working for?

2. The bank manager, how can they protect or help  you if they don't know anything about insurance?

3.The unlicensed agent- How can they protect or help  you if they also don't know anything about insurance?

Insurance is very complicated and it shouldn't be about the price

of the premium only but its about after sales service that you deserve in a crucial situation. Get it from the expert. Get it from us!