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Memorial service has been introduced in the Philippines by the late Senator Gil J Puyat on October 19, 1968 thus the birth of now Pre-need giant Loyola Plans Consolidated, Inc.

To date, many Filipinos, rich or poor, young and old are now open to the idea in investing in a memorial service. For a simple reason that's is cost efficient. You pay the service 5 years maximum and pay almost half the amount as compared to paying on a at need time.

For the business people, who may not have any economical problem in paying at need service, memorial service help them solve problem on WHAT TO DO ? when a love one passes a way.

Having a memorial service is the only insurance that a person will immdiately need as soon as one passes a way, but its also an insurance that a person buys the last, thinking its for the old and gray.

Contary to what the public is thinking. Memorial service is only for 18-65 years of age of good health.

Basic inclusion of the plan are: 1. pick up of the body from the place of

death 2. embalming

3. casketing 4. 4 days viewing at LOYOLA or any accredited chapels nationwide 5. hearse 6. delivery to the interment site.


Chapels in Metro Manila

Chapels in Metro Manila

Other options like using the plan for cremation and urn or for the interment purposes can be done as instructed by the family members.
Memorial service is packed with free Accidental Death Insurance, Life Insurance and so good health is required.

Crematory at Metro Manila

Crematory at Metro Manila

The best part of the plan it can be absolutely free, under LOYOLA's Longevity Bonus provision. Which gives back 100% percent of the Base Value 15 years of full payment.

Also included in the plan is 10% annual interest that is loaded to your policy one year after full payment.

price ranges from 504.00 monthly to 12,000.00 monthly for 5 years.
For inquiries and appointments look for Cherry Licup 09285061180, 09228254287, 3829886 and will immidiately return your call.

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