Insurance 101- What are the additional Riders for your Car Insurance?

After writing about the basic coverages of your comprehensive insurance, i will now show you the riders that you can include for an additional premium of course.

Auto PA is a personal accident insurance for the passengers and the driver. This rider will take effect once your car is involved in an accident and you and your passengers are injured.  Personal Accident rider don't have a tariff rate from the insurance commission, but you don't have to worry because its cheap like with Pioneer Insurance they only charge P150 for 100,000 coverage for 5 passengers. Medical Reimbursements of up to 20k pesos per passenger is possible per accident. Some insurance companies like Prudential Guarantee, Standard Insurance and MAA gives this PA rider for free.

AOG or Acts of God is an accident or event resulting from natural causes, without human intervention or agency, and one that could not have been prevented by reasonable foresight or care, e.g., floods, lightning, earthquake, or storms. AOG is normally .5%-.1% of the covered value, for example, if your vehicle's coverage is 1,000,000, your AOG premium is P5,000 or 10,000 before tax. However, AOG coverages will be subject for approval depending on the your address and usage of the vehicle. Although, when you purchase a new car from the casa dealer, they sometimes give it for free.

AOG coverage is very complicated. Not all flood related claims will be paid and not all typhoon related cases will also be paid. It will depend on the verification of the inspection report if its a valid claim or not. If you notice, i separated

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flood from typhoon and vice versa because in insurance, they have a different cause and effect. There can be flood without typhoon and there can be typhoon without flood in different areas in the country and there can be both.  Insurance claim for AOG is not that easy, it takes time because they will investigate. Insurance company is always willing to pay but only after their investigation.

Because in reality, each claim funds of the insurance company are not theirs, its the cooperative fund of the assured, that is why they have to be sure that the claim is not fraudulent because the money is owned by all of the assured.

An example of AOG scenario. You are stuck in Espanya and the rain is pouring hard and the flood is starting to rise. If the situation did not allow you to get out of Espanya, and your car stalled because the flood went in to your engine, you'll be paid for your claim. But if the situation allows you to get out of the flood and you opted to brave yourself to the flood and got stalled, that is a different story, you might not get paid for AOG. Insurance companies has a way to find out if your affidavit is authentic or it is manipulated. Most of the time, conflicts arises on this case.

Be wary of the Free AOG that casa or sometimes Banks give you; i already explained the real value of it and the gravity of its clauses, i really can't imagine how can they

manage to give it for free. There is always a catch for cheap or freebies. But you'll only know when your in that situation already!

Thank you for reading. Please comment on your personal experience with car insurance,and i will answer it. Thanks!