Having a great year 2010!

Insurance Experts Agency had a good 2010. Sales doubled each and every month, happy customers referred valuable referrals! Although with this type of service business, it is always tough to settle and meddle with all types and

kinds of insurance clai


This 2010, i noticed several changes in the insurance industry.
1. People are now aware of AOG or Acts of God.

And people don’t expect it to be free!
2. Banks require AOG.
3. Paid Up Capital increased from 50M to 100M.

A target of 250M in 2011.
4. 50/50 percentage of insurers believe that insurance is valuable after Ondoy.
5. The first online car insurance hub is born!

6. Insurance claims procedure became longer. The usual 3 days to secure the Letter of Authority became 5days considering you have the complete requirements.

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to a brighter and prosperous 2011!

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