Cash Claims

There are 2 types of claims. Through a letter of authority from the insurance company or through cash claims. The simplest and hassle free is via LOA or letter of authority. You just need to submit the requirements to your Insurance Agent or the serv

ice center and the insurance will coordinate with them. The minimum processing time will be 1-3 days depending on the damage of your car.

The other type is via Cash Claim. Insurance companies least like this type of claim for one obvious reason. Fraud. The basic objective of insurance is to bring back the

assured to its original state prior to the accident. No one should either get rich or get poor with it. With Cash Claim, there are a lot of chances that an assured can make the claim favorable to him/her. To minimize fraud from cash claims, insurance companies just set a minimum price per parts or per labor. You, the assured will not have the chance to negotiate for the cash price. So if you have a claim, its best to choose the LOA than the Cash Claim.

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