Calling on LTO and DOTC.

The LTO or DOTC should make some actions on the road accidents with relations to Motorcycle. I have been getting quite

a lot of accident claims from my clients versus motorcycle riders. A couple of the cases scenario were both the motorcycles rammed

into my clients vehicle unfortunately and logically, the motorcycle rider always gets the most injuries. During these unwanted scenarios, my clients respond immediately to the hospital bills to lessen the burden even if there is no verdict yet. BUT the motorcycle rider or their relatives always asks for monetary support immediately. And the police inspector always favors the motorcycle riders or their family and pressures the assured. This shouldn’t be the case! The officer in charge should be equal and

should not favor anyone and should stand as an arbiter and should educate both parties of there responsibilities and liabilities.

As an insurance agent, no monetary support should be given immediately. It should go through a process. Give time for the insurance company to investigate and evaluate the damages incurred to the motorcycle or any other property. No one has the right to give amounts pertaining to damages without any investigation and the most credible party to that is the adjuster of the insurance company.

The motorcycle rider and their family should consider that they may be at fault and there is a possibility that the vehicle owner is not obligated to pay you. Its a 2 party accident, if the verdict goes to the car owner then you wont get any thus should pay the vehicle owner for the damages. Uneconomically, here in our country we don’t look in to who’s at fault but who’s injured, and always ends up that the vehicle owner pays even without the verdict.

The LTO or DOTC or any other agency should look into this problem. They should impose a law or guidelines for traffic officers,drivers, pedestrians. A clear one without loopholes, if they have one, where is it? Why aren’t we aware? If this is always the case, we are sending a wrong signal to everyone using the roads.

Are you also a victim?

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