Legitimacy of Insurance Claims

I am just puzzled on how claims department analyze the legitimacy of an insurance claim. I had a client who had a minor accident that damaged her left fender and also hitting his mag wheels. After which she called me and informed me of the incident and i guided her way on what she needs to submit to me so i can forward it to Standard Insurance. After 2 days, i already got the letter of authority for her repair. She brought the car to her preferred Casa, after 2 days in the casa, we were informed by her casa that the damage was not only on the exterior but it also damaged the rack and pinion…this is where the problem is! I advised my client to get her car fir

st since the body works is done already while waiting for a new approval.3 days has passed again and no replies from the insurance yet, i was persistent in following it up but my Account officer can only do as much, the decision is coming from the Head Office. Dang! I got a feeling that they might decline the rack and pinion damage and Dang! this will be my first time to be denied also! Grr! I got a feeling that they will include it in the wear and tear clause but it is not the fault of the customer that she will be hit on that area that caused a wear and tear part to be damaged. My fingers are crossed and i am really hoping they will grant the insurance claim.


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