Insurance is the Risk Taker

I am an insurance sales agent. I handle multiple brands of non-life insurance companies in the Philippines! Its really amazes me that each Insurance paid to write articles company has different identities, ideas,marketing strategy and mentality. Most of them ofcourse likes the sales part, they'll give you all the marketing support you want for you to give them sales. Some of them accepts the fact that the more sales you have the more risks they are gonna take but for some they really hate the risk part which i wonder why they started an insurance business! lol. I had this incident with Prudential Guarantee when my client requested an inspction for his vehicle which had an accident  2 days ago. I emailed my account officer and the claims officer about the schedule and was acknowledge by the account officer and informed me that he relayed the message to his claims counter part. One day before the scheduled inspection, i called them up to remind them and since the account officer is not around i spoke directly to his claims counterpart! You know what he told me? (in tagalog) “You are a cheater! you dont have the documents required yet and you want us to inspect the car already?” I was shocked with his reaction and told him how can i be a cheater if the client requested for an inspection first since they live in Marikina which is far from the Car workshop? And it is also a practice of other insurance companies to inspect the car first while preparing for the documents

simultaneously so their is no time wasted. Goodness gracious i was really frustrated with the way he treated me. To the fact that i rarely claim from them. Stressful

answer! What i did is that i just called up Nissan North Edsa, told them i have a referral for their body and paint department, and asked them if they wanted to do the extra service and pick up the car in Marikina? They gladly said yes and hours later they already got the car! After a day, i completed the documents and submitted it through the dealership, done deal! No hassles! Crazy Claims people, don't they realize that they are in the RISK business? Claims people in this particular Insurance Company has a malicious mind that they always assume that all claims are fraudulent! Or may be they just don't like additional work load for them? Right? because when there partner CASA will be the one submitting the docs, they accept it with open arms, because they don't have a choice, just like what i did!

Maybe the Prudential management should look in to their employees that might be destroying their corporate image. They should be trained how to deal with internal and external customers because insurance is a service business. And when you're already in the number 2 spot, reputation is very important.  The Coyiuto family poured in their blood and sweat to reach this status, i hope their employees should take care of the image and not be selfish of thinking of themselves.