Now is the best time to get a property insurance.

During this uncertain time of Covid19. Many of our customers delayed their renewals and some even cancelled.

It shouldn’t be the case. Honestly, when you are capable of purchasing a house, whether big or small, now is really the best time to protect your hard earned investment. Why? First, property insurance is really affordable in the Philippines. 2nd, while you are careful with handling your flammable equipments at home, your neighbours are not. 3rd, most probably your income stream is reduced already and if a fire hits you in a worst case scenario, you will really find yourself in the slums after.

I am not scaring or hard selling you. I am just elaborating the fact that our country specially Metro Manila has a lot of fire incidents. According to google, there are about 5,870, 000 results when i searched “Fire Philippines

2020″. Just 5 hours ago, a fire hits a residential area in Makati City. Fire is inevitable, it is just a matter of “when”. How can the fire victims cope up with their lives after the fire? They probably exposed themselves to Covid19 as well because of the panic but i really hope that there are no fatalities.

With a comprehensive fire coverage, some insurance companies like Standard Insurance Co., Inc. offers alternative accommodation coverage of P20,000/ month max of 6 months until you can fix and rebuild your home. Meaning you can claim up to max of P20,000 to pay rent for your temporary shelter. Of course you need to provide pertinent documents like the lease contract. This is just the topping of the actual House Protect package offered by Standard Insurance. Certain insurance companies have their own version of home protection packages with very affordable premiums.

This is another justification why you should insure your property now. Peace of mind and financial assistance when the worst case scenario happens. On another note, with property insurance specially residential fire , there is nobody to blame unlike with car insurance you have someone to argue with.

For more information about Standard Insurance’s House Protect package, you may call me 09178772268, email me or we can zoom!

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