Time Person of the Year

Hello! This is not about insurance or anything related to it I humbly apologise in advance but this is about National Pride, the Pinoy Pride we are all talking about every time a Pinoy champions himself or herself to the world.
The first and last Filipino who was selected as TIME person of the year was the late president Corazon C. Aquino last 1986 when she was put to power through a historical bloodless revolution more commonly known as the EDSA People Power revolution, 31 years ago. Now, our Philippine president is included in the list of Time 100 people. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Person_of_the_Year#Persons_of_the_Year)

As described, The TIME 100 is their annual list of the most influential people in the world—features a number of leading artists, politicians, lawmakers, scientists and leaders of tech and business.

I humbly seek for your support and vote “Yes” on the name of President Duterte on the poll, click here. Whether you are against his war on drugs or him personally as long as you are a Filipino, let us vote yes. It is not everyday that we get a Filipino in the influential list of TIME 100. Watch the video for his credentials. Thanks!

In several occasions, Philippine presidents and boxer Manny Pacquiao lands on the prestigious magazine’s cover.

PinoysinTimeCoverMabuhay tayong lahat! Cheers, sana manalo si Digong. Literally, his chance of winning is in our hands, so vote Yes on his name. Spread the word as well!

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