How do you gauge your Insurance Agent?

In this very competitive industry, how should you gauge your Insurance Agent?

1. He/She should be knowledgeable about his/her industry. Insurance is simple if sold properly, what you declared is what you get. But again because of its competitive n

ature, people began to outwit each other and from then on it became complicated. So be sure your agent is a winner or else you’ll end up losing money instead of being secured when the risk arises.

2. He/She should have lots of connections with insurance executives and car shops and adjusters. This is a big help if you know that somewhere along the way, your insured property has a mis-declaration. In a smallest possible way, his connection can be of help either to speed up the process or from no claim to yes claim!

3. He/She should be trust worthy. Insurance is about trust, if you can’t trust your agent, don’t buy from him/her even if its damn low. There are many Crooks doing this as their sideline because price war is easy for them because what they sell to you are fake or not valid policies.

4. He/She should be reliable. He or She should be there for you if you need them the most. They should be reachable at all times. This is what you paid for unless you bought yours from a bank, call center and car dealerships. Because of their low price, there is no quality in their business with you. The people who sold you cheap insurance will not be the people who will assit you in times of claim. If you call them up during night time, they won’t be there and when you already reached them in morning they’ll just forward your concern to the insurance hotline. That is not SERVICE!

5. Best Price. Your agent should be able to give you a competitive price always. Not the lowest price nor the highest price. Just competitive. If its too low, for sure there is no

after sales service. If its too high, your agent thinks your stupid.

Of course, nobody is perfect but if your insurance agent has at least 3 of 5 from this aspects, he or she is already good!

So remember these aspects before buying your next insurance!


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