Documents needed to file for a Fire Insurance Claim

Here are the documents need to file for a fire insurance claim:


1. Immediately send notice of loss to us or to the broker/agent from whom you purchased the

fire insurance policy.

2. Protect the properti

es affected or not affected from further loss or damage and/or deterioration, as if the property has no insurance coverage.

3. Submit a proof of loss duly signed and

sworn by you within sixty (60) days from the date of loss. It should include:

1. The knowledge and belief of the time/origin of the loss

2. Actual cash value
3. Amount of loss

4. Encumbrances

5. Other contracts of insurance and information related to the insured properties

4. If the claim is substantial and/or complex, we will appoint an independent adjuster/surveyor to handle the investigation of the claim. The adjuster/surveyor will shortly get in touch with you for inspection of the insured property and verification of the related incident.
5. Make yourself and/or your representatives available for the inspection of the damaged insured property.

6. To facilitate the processing and settlement of your claims, submit the required documents as listed below.


To be submitted either to the Insurance Commission or to the handling adjuster:

1. General Requirements

1. Sworn statement of fire claim

2. Non-waiver agreement

3. Affidavit of loss

4. Fire investigation report

5. Copy of the business permit

6. Copy of the articles of incorporation

7. Colored photographs of covered properties taken immediately after the incident


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