Cash Claim woes…

In 3 years we have been in the business, its the first time i have encountered a customer as difficult as this one. I have always told friends and customers that cash claims can not meet your own computation. Insurance Companies have their own standa

rds with regards to petty cash claims (excluding the big ones like Ondoy Cases) for a simple reason of fraud. Insurance companies have to generalize its approach with cash claims, they can not individualize each and every case or else they will not finish any case after which.

This customer owns a 14 year old car with only a 5000+- insurance premium a year, for the past 3 years he is with us, he only filed 2-3 claims so far. And he always prefers cash claim over the Letter of Authority. This year, he filed another claim, one a vandalism act and another an own damage claim. The insurance company evaluated the claim as 6k and 11k. The customer refused to accept it and asked me to show him how it derived from the said amount. Even though the evaluation report was “for my eyes only”, i showed it to him and there he saw that everything is appraised appropriately except for the labor cost of 1k pesos. He then questioned me that where in Metro Manila can you find a labor with just a 1K pesos for that for all that damage?

I answered him politely: “Sir, the insurance company has to put a standard price for the Labor Cost and they pegged it for 1K. Then he asked: “Why?” I responded quickly: ” Its because of the fraud i was mentioning to you before, remember?, that they have to generalize things to accomplish all cash claims.” He answered furiously: ” I am not a fraud!, i am going to fix my car and so on…” I answered back. ” I know, sir but as cash claim, they have to generalize everything, by the way sir, where would you have you car done by any case?” He

said: ” At my friends service center!” Then i answered quickly: “Then lets just use the Letter of Authority and it will save you lots of time and effort to compute for everything since the insurance and the your friends service center will do the computations for you! Its easier! You just have to bring your car and they’ll fix it for you without the hassle.” He replied worriedly: ” uhmm, i still prefer the cash claim, i am not sure when to bring it in!”

Hmmm…Somethings fishy! Who in the world likes hassle if you don’t have a hidden agenda?

Last week, i called him up to follow up what he plans to do and he told me that he asked his friends staff to negotiate for the labor costs(he doesn’t believe in me) and if your insurance company insists, we’ll have them issue the LOA instead!

WTF! He technically wasted 4mos of my time explaining to him that it is impossible and

he didn’t believe! Idiot! The worst part is that i still renewed his insurance policy! I am planning to return his payment and cancel the renewal! Its not worth it! The company only earned 500 pesos from him last year and may be 400 pesos this year! Would you?

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