Ondoy Victims on its 8th Month

I can’t believe that up to this day there are still car owners who haven’t got their flooded cars back in running condition! I got a call earlier today and seeking for my advise on how to deal with Insurance companies

that neglects its obligation to pay.

Since Ondoy, i already received 5 calls from a complete stranger and they wanted to seek opinions, advises on their cases. Me and my company gave the best advises we can that is neutral to both the insurance companies and their customers.

My empathy goes to people who did everything but either their insurance company, agent, or the insurance commission neglected their obligations. For sure, each of you(Ondoy victims) has a different case scenario and different insurance companies. It really depends on how they handle your account.

Www.insuranceexperts.ph can help if we can create enough buzz in the

online world. If we can generate 100 or more comments then i think the insurance commission should really do their part in helping you solve your ACTS of God claim.

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  1. Please leave your comments and bad experiences with your insurance companies so we can call their attention…

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