Why Tires are not part of the Motorcar Insurance?


Why Tires are not part of the Motorcar Insurance?

I am pretty sure you already asked this question to
yourself. Worst is if this already happened to you and you were complaining
about this issue.

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The insurance always has an explanation for every clauses and
warranties that they have implemented. With their experience dealing with the
general public, all possible reasons, alibis were already dealt and well taken
cared of.

And so why? Because the tire is a wear and tear part and it
is one of the most worn out part of a car. Thus, if the insurance allowed it

be part of the insurance claim? Anyone including you will just pierce it
when your tires are due for a replacement and make a darn good alibi on it, if
this happens, our insurance industry will not last even for a month.

But there is one insurance rule that will include tires in
the insurance claim; if while driving your FRONT tires suddenly blew out and
the car you were driving went out of control and hit a tree or a post or
another car, the insurance will definitely pay also for the tires. This is the
only way. Don’t try this; it’s not worth the risk!


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