Causes of Fire

Based from an Insurance Executive, only 10% of the Households and Business are insured here in the

Philippines. 90% are at risk!

Fire Insurance in the Philippines is still on its early stage. Most of us consider it as an additional expense or a useless paper. But to tell you honestly, fire insurance or any insurance should be considered an asset or an investment. Most people also thought that Fire Insurance is expensive, it's not!!! Before i give a sample computation, first I would like to share with you the statistics of Fire Causes in the Philippines.(source: NSO). Even worst is when you see the ratio of Fireman to Population! Real scary!

Source: National Statistics Office:
2006    2007
Causes of fire incidents
Total                                                          8,823    9,042
Electrical connections                              2,284    2,195
Open flame due to torch or sulo                   981    949
Open flame due to unattended
cooking or stove                                               485    480
Open flame due to unattended
lighted candle or gasera                                373    414
Electrical appliances                                      312    323
Lighted cigarette butt                                    256    280
Spontaneous combustion 285    213
Lighted matchstick or lighter                        186    186
Liquefied petroleum gas explosion
due to direct flame contact

; -moz-background-origin: padding; -moz-background-inline-policy: continuous;”>static electricity 84    113
Electrical machinery                                         118    93
Incendiary device/mechanism
or ignited flammable liquids 85    62
Pyrotechnics                                                           71    61
Chemicals                                                               49    41
Bomb explosion                                                      15    6
Lightning                                                                   4    5
Others                                                               1,615    2,202
Undertermined                                                1,620    1,419

2004    2005    2006
Other statistics

Fireman to population ratio     1: 5,749      1: 5,911    1: 6,039
Policeman to population ratio    1: 707    1: 750    1: 757

If you can only imagine, we have the rarest case of fire causes from the most common form, we are not exempted from these causes. Fire can burn down your house even if its made of concrete! Fire can burn down your whole life of investment! Fire can kill everyone, nobody is exempted, Rich or Poor, Baby or adult. Congressman De Venecia was a victim of Fire with fatality,a friend of mine was a victim of fire also,all died except him. For a small amount of annual premium, it's better to be sure and protected!!!

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Most of the Fire Incidents happened during the Christmas and New Year Season. See Fire causes chart.

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