Insurance 101- How to claim from your Insurance.

First, I would like to wish you all well! After cleaning up the mess that the Ondoy brought us, here are some of the few To do's on how to claim with your insurance.

First, please check your insurance policy if your property is covered with Acts of God or Force Majeur. If you don't have your insurance policy with you, you may call your agent, broker or respective insurance company and state your Name and your property insured. Remember to please bear with your Insurance companies since the entire nation is suffering from the disaster.

Once you already confirmed your Policy, please prepare the FF: 1. Insurance Policy (if present) 2. Official Receipt 3. Notarized Sworn Statement (include the estimated damages), pictures if possible. Submit them as soon as you have completed. Please be wary again that claims this time around will take some time compared to a normal state. Please be aware that Typhoon and Flood rider in all Fire policy has a participation of 2% of the actual value of the loss.

If your car is submerged in the water and you have Act of God Rider, please don't start the engine, make sure to change motor oil, transmission oil, oil filters, fuel, fuel filters or better yet ask fo

r a professional mechanic to save your cars engine first. Then you can have your cars towed to your service centers. Claim requirements are 1. Insurance Policy(if present) 2. Official Receipt (if present) 3. Notarized Affidavit 4. Pictures. Once completed, please submit to your insurance agent or brokers.

Acts of God is an additional rider for Car Insurance policy. It is not always included and it should be requested from your insurance agent with additional premium. However, there are a number of car dealers, agents who offer this rider for free as a come on for customers. I am just really not sure if these free AOG will be granted at this time of crisis. Hopefully, they should. Please be practical nowadays that nothing is free, one way or the other, there is always a catch on freebies.

I just got a call today from Standard Insurance that Acts of God coverage for cars will be temporarily not available for sale until they finalized the total losses incurred in the calamity. I am not sure with the other insurance company if they will do the same.

Hopefully this blog can help you in some other way.

For extended assistance, you may call Insurance Experts @ 7245140. You may look for Richard or Kristine.