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Insurance 101-What is Excess BI in my Comprehensive Insurance?

Excess Bi means Excess Bodily Injury.

The reason for the word Excess is because of the CTPL which i explained in my previous blog.

This coverage applies to injuries you, the designated driver or policyholder caused to someone else. It's very important to have enough liability insurance because if you are involved in a serious accident, you may be sued for a large sum of money. For example, you are driving a Honda Jazz and you rammed over a Traffic stoplight and hospitalizing an MMDA officer, without a comprehensive insurance, this will be the start of your worst nightmare! With a comprehensive insurance, you would'nt worry as much, because excess BI will cover the expenses that will be incurred for the Hospitalization of the injured MMDA officer after the 100,000 coverage of your CTPL. However you will be

charged for the expenses that will exceed your chosen coverage which later i will indicate here.

There are 2 standard prices for Excess BI, one for Private Cars and another for Commercial Vehicles.

Coverage                    Private Cars            Commercial Vehicles

100,000                          1

80                                 230

150,000                           230                                280

200,000                          280                                 340

250,000                          340                                 390

300,000                          390                                 440

400,000                          450                                 500

500,000                          520                                  570

750,000                          610                                   630

1,000,000                      700                                   700

These are Tariff Rates from the Insurance Commission. For more info on this, please email or call me at 5153823.

Now, i ask what happens to the Stoplight that you rammed over? For sure the government won't let you go on that one! I'll explain it on my Next Blog!

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Insurance 101-CTPL

CTPL ( Compulsory Third Party Liability) What is CTPL? It is actually a “liability” insurance. In layman’s term, it is a contract of assuring the general public that the owner of the vehicle shall be able to pay him or her in case of bodily injury due to the vehicle owner’s negligent use of his car. For instance, the driver of the vehicle accidentally ran over a pedestrian, the pedestrian is assured that he can claim reimbursement for the hospitalization costs he spent, or at least some. CTPL under the law has a coverage of only P100,000. More than this amount, the offending

party shall bear the cost. That is for the protection of the pedestrian who is probably equally negligent anyway. But how about if the driver swerved his vehicle to avoid the pedestrian and hit a tree instead? Or worse, he hit the pedestrian and hit the tree also totally wrecking his car?** The buying period of your CTPL should be at the same time that you will be registering your car at the Land Transportation Office. Be also wary of the price of CTPL as this has a tariff rate from the Insurance Commission.

For Private Cars like sedans, 2 doors or any privately driven sedan the total amount should be 610.40

For Comme

rcial Vehicles like pick-ups, FB vans, Vans, AUVs and SUVs the total amount should only be 660.40

There could be slight differences from price but it should not be more than a P100.

For brand new vehicles, the CTPL covers 3 years from the time of your purchase or first registration, as you can see, CTPL are pre-requisite to LTO registration and sticker. The main objective here is that your vehicle is exempted from the yearly Smoke emission tests conducted every time that you will register your car. Since your vehicle is brand new, the government assumes that your vehicle will pass the emmission tests and delays it on your cars 4th year. At this time, your vehicle is due for the yearly registration and smoke emission testing. The total amount of the 3 yrs TPL should only be P1660.40, again there could be price diffrences but it should be not more than P100.

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(** taken from Business mirror article by J. Tiongson)