Facts about AOG/AON

This is another wake up call from the “ABOVE” that you really can’t take insurance for granted. Here are some quick facts about your insurance rider that

will be famous again this year.

1. AOG- Acts of God (some use this term)

2. AON- Acts of N

ature (some use this, but its the same)

3. It basically covers Typhoon, Flood, Earthquake,

4. It has a separate participation fee or deductible. For some they follow the .5% of the sum insured for Private Cars and 1% of the sum insured for Commercial Vehicles. To see what category are you in, click here. Others, they stick to

1% whatever category are you in.

5. Indemnity. Even if your car is insured with AOG/AON, your insurance company is still expecting you to save your vehicles from further damages because;

6. The insurance company will first inspect the car and declare if it is repairable or not. They will not instantly offer total loss. In the current situation we are in to right now with Typhoon Pedring, if the Insurance offered for a Total Loss, negotiate a little and take it. Please be wary that we are in a state of calamity so insurance has to deal and negotiate with lots of Typhoon Victims. So when its your turn, grab it!

Well, I hope there will be a few claims this time around. And I also hope, insurance companies will diligently pay their assured! Have a great and positive day everyone!


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